Zahan's Nexus Packages
How to install:
  • Right-click 'Download' and select 'save link as'.
  • Go to the 'Reflex Packages' tab of your Nexus settings.
  • Drag the .nxs file to the load box.
This is an independent repo, not affiliated with Iron Realms.
The reflex packages here are provided free of charge, by me.  You can do with them what you want - modify them, give them to your friends, etc. - but they are not to be sold, or distributed without proper acknowledgement.

If you enjoy a package, please consider making a donation of game credits to Zahan (of Achaea).  Every contribution is appreciated, even a single credit.
Contact me in game or the forum if you have questions or problems.
Currently Available:
*Each package contains a (function) Read_Me with the package's info and instructions.

Opens the info window for skillsets and skills you don't have, and can't see otherwise.
Download Abs
Multi-colour notice, with special rainbow option!!!  Background colours have a gradient effect for smoother look.
Download Cnote
Combats idle and routing-related disconnects by sending an invisible gmcp keepalive packet every 15 seconds.  Overrides timeout.
Download Keepalive
Delusions of a customisable pet,
to pick up gold and put into a container if you wish.  Includes gold tracking displayed on stat bar, and split command.
Download Lootpet
Customizes interface mini-window sizes, map zoom, player flag size, and wilderness map.  Displays area name in map window.  Fixes client map bugs.
Download Mapmod
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